Hi, I’m Allison!

This site was conceived in frustration, not love.  I was frustrated because I couldn’t find a good anti-aging blog site for someone like me who’s still relatively young in her 30s.  Most (I mean all of them) were written by people who were a lot older than me, and I just couldn’t relate to them.

Everyone is obsessed with looking good and staying young.  I want that too without needles poking my face, tubes sucking out my fat, or laser beams hovering over my body.  I want it done au naturale with the right nutrition, healthy habits, and necessary supplementation.

I suffered from anorexia as a teenager, and I was eventually diagnosed with several auto-immune diseases.  It seemed extremely cruel and unfair to be so sick during my college years, but it really was my fault for not taking care of my body properly early on.

Nothing, including conventional medicine and various holistic approaches, helped me until I tried this new, cutting-edge technology, which made me feel normal within a month.  Since I don’t believe in endorsing one single product, please contact me via the form below if you want to know more about the technology.

Anyhow, that’s how my journey to staying “forever young” and living a healthy lifestyle began.  Things I have learned and applied over the past decade have changed my life.  I took little baby steps in the beginning, but now I feel like I can jog, sprint, and run backwards.

I’m here to simply share, and hope you find the site useful.  Thanks for visiting, and I’ll now nurture this place with LOVE!



P.S.  Below are some articles written on me.  Hope to get to know you as well!

Networking Times Article JulyAugust 2007

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