Is BMI (Body Mass Index) DEAD?


Not all LB’s (pounds) are created equal!

Imagine two men with the same weight & height    : According to BMI – they are EQUAL/the same, but are they?

It’s time to think : Body Mass Composition (BMC).
It’s time to throw your scale out the window (I know you’ve been feeling that way anyway, right?  )
Then, time to focus on shedding FAT & build MUSCLE.

Muscle weighs as much as 3x more than FAT.  The worse thing is FAT takes up a lot more space as well.  DOUBLE WHAMMY!    

So, how much you WEIGH doesn’t make sense at all!  We are smart enough to know that, but we still are attached to “how much we weigh.”


The BEST WAY to lose fat is to LOSE SIZES (get smaller/toned), but actually GAIN LBs(pounds) = You’re gaining muscle and bone mass this way.


Here’s my DEXA scan from last year.  Yes, I might weigh more than the skinny woman next to me, but my BONE density is through the roof and my body fat is under average, YIPPEE!!  

Do you know what BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate)?  Having more muscle raises BMR – and you can burn more fat (& eat more)!  

Every time you YOYO diet : guess what?  You lose both fat and muscle.  Because you have less muscle, your BMR lowers – this equals to having less to eat in order to continue losing weight while your BMR continues to decrease.  

Did you know the Biggest Loser (TV show)’s biggest loser is now indeed the biggest loser?  Because he lost so much muscle and his BMR is so low, he can now consume only 800 calories a day without gaining fat.  

So, is it important to gain muscle and lose FAT?  YES!

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