Revealing Secrets to building a Massive MLM Empire

I’m not one to speak on this issue, but others around me keep asking for the secrets to having built a pretty chunky & international network marketing business.

I suppose I can say a thing or two since I’ve been in it for the last 16 years or so non-stop & yes, my (or rather OUR….without my business partners and the help from the corporate – this isn’t even a possibility) business does a tremendous amount of business each month with about 200K active associates and customers all over the world.  And most importantly, I live very comfortably in Los Angeles, which I suppose says something.

Ok, let me bullet-point these because lengthy paragraphs are really boring, so I hear.   And again, these are just my opinions and I’m almost never 100% right.

And, FYI, I’ve done both the bad and good repeatedly until I had some sense to do the bad a lot less.  Having said that, I still find myself doing badly.

  1. SORRY, there is no secrets unless you think these are “secrets.”
  2. GOING to motivational seminars, conferences won’t build your business.  So stop wasting $ (& time, OMG!) on too many events.  How many times do you need to be motivated??  I think once or twice a year is sufficient, if at all.  Believe it or not, watching other wealthy people on TV & reading about their stories – drives me crazy enough to get off my bum.  In other words, do what works for you, not what you’re supposed to do.
  3. STOP wasting your time on the losers (even though I keep hearing everyone is a winner these days).  You know who I’m talking about.  Just because you enjoy talking down/up to them just because it feels safe and comfortable, this won’t build your biz fast.
  4. DO spend time on your winners!!  Having said that though, they usually don’t have too time to talk to you.  They are really busy building.  I miss them….call me!
  5. Lastly, look FORWARD and think & plan AHEAD.  Losers talk about the past, Normals talk about now, but WINNERS talk about the future.
  6. ONE more – stop reading too much into this, literally!  Go do another deed that’s directly related to producing.  You know exactly what I mean.
  7. STILL here?  Ok, fine.  Just make sure you do at least 1 thing productive EVERYDAY for the next 5 years, then repeat #7 several more times – it will guarantee your success.

I think 7(seven) is a good number.  Remember MLM is still a business, not a play thing.  You will reap what you sow.  Good luck!

Question of the Day :  What kind of person will you need to become by doing #1-#7 obsessively – in order to attract someone like me to sign up with you?  Success attracts success.  

*Glossary : 

  • Losers : It’s a bit offensive….the ones who say lots of things but their numbers don’t back up.  Ex) There’s a thin line between a business relationship & friendship.  Know where you stand with that person.
  • Winners : Who do what they say they will do.  And their numbers keep growing.  They are a rare, endangered species.  Hard to come by, but so satisfying to work with them.  Did I already mention they are super busy & rarely call you for anything other than biz stuff?
  • A productive thing : Anything that will produce a sale/sign-up such as following up, prospecting, etc.  Ex) I have a list of people I must contact before resting my eyes for the day.  I won’t go to sleep without completing my list.  My list almost always consists of someone new.
  • Motivational seminar : I don’t get why a professional network marketer has to go to more than 1 every year.  Just my opinion.  Almost all of my top earners (including myself) do not have too much time to go to these all the time.  Personally, I find them extremely boring, sorry.  I find better materials in our everyday lives.  And this also makes me more “appealing” to the masses.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be that MLM weirdo.
  • Reading : I know it’s essential, but I’m really tired of reading yet another MLM book.  Yes, I do refresh on my MLM knowledge from time to time, but my latest obsession is Elon Musk.  His do or die, no details too small approach makes me go completely loca.  That’s my juice!  So find your own crazy juice, please.  Don’t follow what others, including myself, say all the time.  My biz exploded when I decided it’s all up to me & stopped leaning on my upline.

Saturday Training Notes, January 14th, 2017 : Mannatech

What a great training!!  It was like a mini-Mannafest online.  Please join us next time.  You won’t regret it.  Some of you were up early and there with me.  Thank you.  I promise you that you will see the results you want to see in your business.  
You can watch the archived video here :
Stay Tuned for the new Comp Plan training & Mannafest Details call soon! 
*Stayed tuned for January 24th, TNL (Tuesday Night Live : 
Second and Fourth Tuesday of Month @ 7:30PM CT on, or 
Access Code: 4717458#
Thank you, and have a great weekend, you guys!
(Please excuse my writing as I was typing away while watching.)
Merri-Jo Hillaker :
Four (4) Basics – Whatever choice you make, there’s a process to learn.  If not, then NO confidence & No Skill = a formula for failure.  You can choose to commit to learn the skill set.  Because there’s no degrees in Network Marketing, makes us lazy about learning and growing.  Sometimes it’s a re-training process.  Get the book, Go Pro, by Eric Worre, to learn the 4 skills.
1) First Skill by : Demra Robbins on building a successful Names List” – Google 50 guests in 5 minutes. It’s not just a list.  Say a name & feel the emotion behind the names.  An active contact list – your future business – people you want to work with & care about.  Don’t put the people who you have negative feelings about.
Don’t go on Facebook.  It’s an acquaintance list, not a contact list.  However, there’s an opportunity.  Don’t tag them, etc., but you can contact them via private messaging.
*10 Rules
1) Don’t go on Facebook.  It’s an acquaintance list, not a contact list.  However, there’s an opportunity.  Don’t tag them, etc., but you can contact them via private messaging.  
2) Before you even sign up a new person, work a names list with them.  
3) Work with them, talk through each name on the list.
4) The goal is 200.  
5) No judgment on the names.  “They don’t have the money, skinny enough.”  
6) Rank contact list, people you can call first then not ready to call yet, or call with the team leader.  
7) Add to your list everyday, it’s active.  Don’t manage, but always prospect.  
8) Don’t bug, drip on them.  Give them breathing room.  However, keep in touch.  
9) Who do they know?  Always ask them for referrals.  
10) Proclamation – write out the ones you want to work with.  
2) Second Skill by Merri-Jo : How to contact and invite – a gate way skill to network marketing.  It’s about “connecting” not competing.  We are farmers, not hunters : nurturing.  We don’t like people telling us what we need, but if we have a need, we are open to hearing about solutions.  We need to be great listeners after asking great questions.
What am I inviting people to?  Listen to CD, meet up at a coffee shop (or use technology), webinar.  Your ability to get a large group of people to consistently do to simple things over a long period of time = formula for success in network marketing
Get a script in order to connect, especially with new people.  Do some 3-way calls with the brand new people.  Help them become the best they can be.
The person who’s asking the questions remains in control, without being interrogator.  Never describe the business over the phone.  You can’t read how they are reacting.  Don’t rush.  Say “it’s really visual.  When can we get together?” or “It’s really visual.  I want to send you a couple of things.” or invite them to a meeting.
Always have a calendar.
Be confident.  People read posture.  They want to follow someone who’s strong, knows what’s up, and sincere.
What do you do with the no?  No = not right now.  Never take them off.  You take a name off only when they 1) Stop breathing 2) sign up with you.  They will stay in the “Looking Zone.”  Honor their answer, don’t insult them (don’t make them wrong).  Be positive/supportive and say you’ll follow up with them.  They may end up in the Looking Zone in several months.  Nature of our lives.
1) Establish the same reaction to both NO & YES.  Every no means you’re closer to a YES.  Make sure your emotions are not on a rollercoaster. Positive and Excited.  2) Be yourself, be grounded/real & develop your skill set.  3) Match their energy, that way, they will relate to you better.
3) 3rd Skill by Kevin Robbins : Presentation (showing the plan)  This is a numbers game, the more you show!  
A presentation is NOT : all the info, all the science, all history of Mannatech, all the details.  This is not what the person wants to hear.  We often fall into this trap.  Not long & lengthy.  
A good presentation : just enough to want to get involved.  
If someone wants the details, we are lucky to have all the science, and they can look that up.  
It tells a story (most importantly, why you’re involved : stay at home dad, good health, travel, etc.) 
A story solves problems : find out what they are interested in.  
It needs to end with some ACTION.  Sign up or set a time up to follow up & close.   
You are not the expert, then they will think that they need to be an expert to be successful.  Use the tools we have.  Be duplicatable.
Assume a YES – better posture.
4) Forth Skill by Merri-Jo : Follow up and Close
Marketing statistic – you can see why it’s a Numbers Game.
30% – of the people will never be interested.  Most of them push back immediately, a good thing since you can just walk away.
25% – Not looking.  (don’t criticize yourself)
25% – They think they are NOT interested : need convincing
15% – Definitely looking
5% – Ready to buy
*Focus on that 20%.

The fortune is in the follow-up.


HAM-BAM (Have a meeting, Book a meeting.  Have a phone call, Book a phone call.)  If you can’t get hold of someone – you didn’t book an appointment.
On a scale of 1-10, where do you stand on “joining us on the business?”  Anything above 5 + is good. “Let me ask a question.  If you are going to get involved with the business, how much money will you like to earn?”  “Sarah (use their name), let me ask you another question.  If you’re going to work the business, how many hours a week can you put in the business?”  “If I can show you a way to make $600/month in 4-6 months putting in 4 hours a week, are you ready to get started right now?”  Set yourself up after asking all the right questions.
If they say no, it’s not you.  SWSWSW, next!  Some will, some won’t, so what, NEXT.
Social Media : Lydia ask yourself before posting… is this Entertaining or Informing? 
NO airing dirty laundry.  Only 18% of your friends will see the post. Post at least 2 times a day. At first, they will be annoyed but eventually they will think they will need to buy what you’re posting.
True Healthy System sales training : Lori
New Website – Live by Monday, Jan. 23rd.  (Mannatech Success System)
4 Easy Steps : 
1) Create Interest (different flyers) 
2) Share Mannatech
3) Follow Up (“You never know when you’ll need a Plan B.”) 
4) Getting started right.  (Help new associates get started right.)
Each step has 3 categories to choose from
1. Offline Tools
2. Online Tools
3. Preparation / Ground Work : Keep your list growing
“Physital” both Physical & Digital
emails are becoming obsolete : texting is better
New Compensation : by Kevin –  as of July 1st.
Will reward
1) Focus on Customers (Identify them as “Customers”)
Current : reward very well individually.  Challenge : Reduce on APO on member orders.  As leaders left over for the leaders.  Negative reputation for the member program.
New : No penalty for the upline. All orders will be treated the same.  Still personal rewards.  Some customers will become associates – fantastic as well.
2) Focus on Leaders (leaders are who can find customers and associates, not only PDs, but NDs & RDs, who are competent & duplicatable.)
– Check Match : 20% of your leaders’ pay.  We can start focusing on developing leaders.
3) Volume
Reward you with direct relationship to your volume.  Now : as your volume grows until the new leadership, not much $ going up.
New : No stair step with new leadership level.
Current : Titles on PD legs, but no incentive for other leaders outside of PDs.
New : Silver PD : instead of 2 PDs, but 4 ED legs.  More flexibility.
New Plan will be very fair.  Announcing next week : new incentive, a new trip, a new incentive on National Director.  Now : an iPad ND in 3 BPs.  New : anyone below ND to hit ND and get an iPad.
Demra : Deliberately Practice.  Upload photos now, and order 200PV by the end of January.
Ray Robbins : Keep watching, and start implementing.  What excites Ray is giving something that improves other people’s lives.  Either not learning or not applying.  If you keep doing the things that don’t make you successful…then change.  2018 Incentive Trip details hopefully this week.   Comp plan enhancements : geared to your volume & leadership.
Once Sr. ND (10K) : start participating in Check Match on Nationals and above.  So, you need to start developing other nationals.
PPD : 320K Volume requirement & by points
BPD : 2 ED legs & volume requirements
Bob Adam & Ray to start calls for people who want to get PD and on.
*Stayed tuned for January 24th, TNL (Tuesday Night Live : 
Second and Fourth Tuesday of Month @ 7:30PM CT on, or 
Access Code: 4717458#

“China” Call with Russ Wood

Thank you guys for joining our afternoon call with Mr. Russ Wood on everything that’s China.

Mannatech has officially opened China via E-commerce, and now we can register product users of the biggest market in the world.

Taking advantage of this opportunity can : 1) Change your life financially & 2) Help the Chinese people with their health challenges.

Here’s the recorded call :

Some highlights :

  • E-Commerce/customer acquisition only in China for now
  • You (a current Mannatech associate) need to get an International Referral ID by calling customer service.  This ID is necessary for a new customer to order from the E-Commerce site:
  • All products will be North American products and will be shipped within China
  • You (MA) will be paid 10% of first order, and more possibly for the on-going orders
  • A Chinese national can sign up as a Hong Kong associate for now.  This may change.
  • A Chinese customer will get paid 10% of their customers’ first orders, and may get paid continuously if they change their account to “business” or sign up as a   Hong Kong associate
  • Download the WeChat app on your smartphone

Also, you can download the training slides Russ has kindly forwarded.

China Presentation 2017

China, here we come!