Food Rules You Want to Follow

Did you know poor digestion leads to storing fat?

Just following these simple FOOD COMBINATION RULES, you can help your body digest better and store way less fat/burn fat.  You will actually start feeling lighter within days.

Don’t eat Proteins and Carbs together.

Don’t eat Proteins and Fats together. 

Don’t eat Proteins and Fruits together.

Don’t eat Carbs and Fruits together. 

Don’t eat more than one type of Protein. 

Don’t eat Desserts. 

Carbs DO mix with vegetables.

Proteins DO mix with vegetables. 

Different carbs DO mix.

Different proteins DO NOT mix.

Fats DO NOT mix well with protein; use moderately.

Fats DO mix with carbs.

Always eat fruits alone on an empty stomach. 

Wait 3 hours after Protein.

Wait 20 minutes after fruits. 

Wait 1 hour after Carbs. 

I had no ideas these rules existed!!

Also, check out this short & sweet video on the new 30-day fat-loss system by Mannatech.  I just started  using just 2 products out of 4 they recommend, just once a day, and they seem to expedite the feeling of lightness.

  1. TruShape : 1 capsule/day to burn fat for energy
  2. TruPure : Lemonade tasting drink once a day to detox from cellular level.    

(These products come with a 6-month, money-back guarantee, wow.)

Is it time to kick-start this 30-day trial with these new rules?  

Stay Lean Keep Your Wallet Fat!

What’s the first you see when you get yourself out and about in the morning? People dragging themselves around yet religiously sipping on a paper cup of coffee as if it’s a membership badge to the club, “I need my coffee in the morning! I’m so cool since the cup says Starbucks/Coffee Bean/blah blah.”

I’d hate to hate on these people who attend the Church of Starbucks every morning to gladly donate at least $4 a day, sometimes twice/thrice, but can’t help categorizing them as “Sheeple.”

Here’s a thing or two to consider :

1) Environmental aspect – The search effort to find the missing  Malaysian Airlines plane Flight 370 has raised an unexpected, yet deadly serious environmental issue. Our oceans are dying because of our own garbage. Every time they thought they found a part of the plane, it turned out to be a piece of plastic. The paper coffee cups you use are lined with plastic/wax, and they come with plastic lids. Imagine how many of those you’ve used so far? (Please don’t take my sheeple comment personally..) What? You use the sleeves too? You double cup it? Tsk tsk!! Fish and birds are often found dead with plastic bits in their stomachs. This is just so very sad!

2) Financial aspect – I’m no Suze Orman, but the donations add up. Say you “only” spend $4/day. That’s $1,460/year and $ 14,600/10 years. You were to put this money into a savings account with a 6.5% annually compounded interest rate, how much will it be at the end of 10 years? $20,491.52 to be exact! How long have you been attending the Starbucks church (or any other coffee places)? It’s starting to make you think, huh? What about the time wasted parking, waiting in line, waiting again to pick up the cup, and so on and on?

So here’s a solution I propose – buy a portable coffee mug that’s BPA-free, and make your coffee at home before you leave the house. First off, believe me, the quality of the coffee you’ve been buying is %$#@. It’s all about the bottom line for the big corporations, and you’re not getting what you’re paying for, period. So, spend some time to pick a decent, better yet, responsibly made brand of coffee.

I would love for you to watch this video posted below by Michael Pollan (the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma), titled “How Cooking Can Change Your Life.” It will give you the confirmation and inspiration you need to start thinking differently. Being the only processor of your own food can make a drastic, positive change to your health, and you will NEVER be FAT, yay!!

Imagine what kind of financial impact this change can make for you? I know you’re thinking duh, it costs to buy the coffee to make at home. Fine, deduct 20% from the money you would’ve saved. However, how much more money you can save by applying the same logic to all of your food choices?

Secondly, you will help save our one and only planet. You might say, it’s just me, one person…but that’s the type of sheeplethinking we need to shed. It’s so much better not to deposit 3,650 coffee cups and plastic lids into our soil in the next 10 years, and that’s just from you! And any change can only start with you.

Knowing is only half the battle. Researches show it takes 90 days to break a habit and develop a new one. Will you begin the first day of the 90-day blitz TODAY? Tomorrow never comes…

Downfalls of Gluten-Free Pastries : Xanthan Gum & Starches

Most of the people who are sensitive to gluten don’t even know they have gluten sensitivity.  The rise of Gluten Intolerance aka Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity is partially blamed on genetically modified wheat aka GMO wheat. (There are many theories and arguments about this subject, but doesn’t it seem more logical to keep things as natural as possible than chemically and genetically altering the crop?)

So some of us decided eating gluten-free was much healthier than partaking in the horrible wheat consumption. Gluten-free is so IN that even the toddlers on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA are requesting gluten-free pizza, bread, pastries, you name it! Let’s focus on gluten-free pastries for a second since it’s right up my alley as I’m the co-founder/pastry chef of the Two Sisters And Organic, Gluten-free muffins.

Way back when I didn’t bake for myself, I frequently bought gluten-free pastries only to be disappointed after one bite. Sure, it lacked any sort of pleasing taste, but I would doggedly finish the whole piece thinking healthy food couldn’t possibly taste that great. However, the bigger issue was that I actually didn’t feel good either, often bloated and lethargic soon after. Why?

Yep, I’m a super nerd. My research concluded that Xanthan Gum, which is a thickening/stabilizing additive commonly found in gluten-free pastries to hold ingredients together in place of gluten, irritated my digestive system. Did you know Xanthan Gum is also used in cosmetic/dental products, pharmaceuticals, and other various industrial products. Hmm..this doesn’t sound healthy at all, does it?

Another by-product of my research left me questioning why I even bother eating gluten-free at all when the “real stuff” tastes so much better albeit fattening and unhealthy.  It turns out a lot of these so-called healthy gluten-free options have additional starches (potato, corn, white rice to name some), besides Xanthan Gum, to make the pastries more spongy and chewy  like the “real stuff” we’re used to. However, these starches are very fattening and high-glycemic, and you can Google how evil these two factors can be.

It couldn’t be more obvious to me not to add anything unnatural like Xanthan Gum and unhealthy ingredients like starches to our beloved muffins. Here’s an idea for a fun project. Let’s see how many gluten-free pastries you can find that DO NOT contain these two downfalls of the industry! I bet this might turn out a bit more difficult than you’d like.

Two Sisters and A muffin

New Wonder Ingredient in Skincare : Glycans

Who doesn’t want to look younger?  I do!

I came across this article written on Glycans used in Yves Saint Laurent’s Forever Youth line.  Glycans are basically sugar molecules that allow cells to communicate with each other.  This “communication process” produces collagen and elastin making up the skin matrix.  Hence better, younger-looking skin.  As we age, the communication slows down, and this in turn produces less and less collagen and elastin.

What I found out next was shocking, yet expected from a corporate giant.  YSL’s line’s glycans are SYNTHETIC!  In other words, these sugars are supposed to be natural, plant-based sugars, but YSL can’t have them because there’s another company who owns a patent on the natural sugars.

The company with the patent is Mannatech (Nasdaq: MTEX), and they are launching their own glycans-based skincare next month, November 2013. 

I was able to connect with one of the test subjects of this new product, and she graciously shared her recent photos taken this week using the “wrinkle cream” for just 5 days!  She’s becoming a very young 60-year old!  (Please see the pic here : Pic)

I will share the link to the product as soon as it’s available. 

Tastes better than Crack Cocaine

DoughnutNot that I know what crack cocaine tastes like nor is it even edible??  I’ve been on this strict diet (no processed foods) for say like FOREVER.  Then came this “white chocolate doughnut.”  Don’t ask how it just magically appeared in front of me.  Anyhow, I had to take a stab at it.  Had to…and why does something so BAD taste so GOOD?

I suddenly felt a strong urge to look into this very phenomenon, “Sugar High.”  Here’s what I found :

1) Simple white sugar mainly found in bad things like doughnuts easily break down into glucose in the bloodstream.

2) The pancreas releases insulin to absorb sugar from the bloodstream.  A moderate amount of glucose present in your body is actually healthy.

3) Through this absorption, trptophan is converted into serotonin, aka “Happiness Molecule.”

4) However, when this conversion happens too quickly, in order words, the bloodstream is overloaded with too much sugar and insulin gets release too quickly, the opposite happens.  This condition is known as “hypoglycemia” or “sugar crash.”

5) Go back to 1) and you can see why eating simple sugars can be bad.

As quickly I felt “high” off that doughnut (yes, I immediately finished the rest after the photo op), I began to feel gross, lethargic, and even sad.  These are well-known symptoms of sugar crash.

I’m sure this wild consumption didn’t do any good for my health, but sometimes it takes a couple of mistakes to create a good habit.  I’ve learned my lesson, and I hope you did too without actually eating one yourself!