“China” Call with Russ Wood

Thank you guys for joining our afternoon call with Mr. Russ Wood on everything that’s China.

Mannatech has officially opened China via E-commerce, and now we can register product users of the biggest market in the world.

Taking advantage of this opportunity can : 1) Change your life financially & 2) Help the Chinese people with their health challenges.

Here’s the recorded call :

Some highlights :

  • E-Commerce/customer acquisition only in China for now
  • You (a current Mannatech associate) need to get an International Referral ID by calling customer service.  This ID is necessary for a new customer to order from the E-Commerce site: www.MeiTaiChina.com
  • All products will be North American products and will be shipped within China
  • You (MA) will be paid 10% of first order, and more possibly for the on-going orders
  • A Chinese national can sign up as a Hong Kong associate for now.  This may change.
  • A Chinese customer will get paid 10% of their customers’ first orders, and may get paid continuously if they change their account to “business” or sign up as a   Hong Kong associate
  • Download the WeChat app on your smartphone

Also, you can download the training slides Russ has kindly forwarded.

China Presentation 2017

China, here we come!  

Food Rules You Want to Follow

Did you know poor digestion leads to storing fat?

Just following these simple FOOD COMBINATION RULES, you can help your body digest better and store way less fat/burn fat.  You will actually start feeling lighter within days.

Don’t eat Proteins and Carbs together.

Don’t eat Proteins and Fats together. 

Don’t eat Proteins and Fruits together.

Don’t eat Carbs and Fruits together. 

Don’t eat more than one type of Protein. 

Don’t eat Desserts. 

Carbs DO mix with vegetables.

Proteins DO mix with vegetables. 

Different carbs DO mix.

Different proteins DO NOT mix.

Fats DO NOT mix well with protein; use moderately.

Fats DO mix with carbs.

Always eat fruits alone on an empty stomach. 

Wait 3 hours after Protein.

Wait 20 minutes after fruits. 

Wait 1 hour after Carbs. 

I had no ideas these rules existed!!

Also, check out this short & sweet video on the new 30-day fat-loss system by Mannatech.  I just started  using just 2 products out of 4 they recommend, just once a day, and they seem to expedite the feeling of lightness.

  1. TruShape : 1 capsule/day to burn fat for energy
  2. TruPure : Lemonade tasting drink once a day to detox from cellular level.    

(These products come with a 6-month, money-back guarantee, wow.)

Is it time to kick-start this 30-day trial with these new rules?  

Being Unhealthy : a Socio-Economic Issue

I recently re-connected with an acquaintance from high school via Facebook. Of course, I was a bit taken aback by the enthusiasm of the said “friend” wanting to meet up, but I went along with it.

She wanted to sell me her product, and to be honest, I was absolutely OK with it since she was a single mother and all. Well, everyone needs auto insurance, right? Unfortunately, she couldn’t match my rate, but I still introduced another friend of mine to her. However, what surprised me the most upon seeing her again after almost 20 years was how unhealthy she looked. We are the same age, but she looked about 10 years older than me. The answer was simple; she’s a smoker, and drinks alcohol almost daily.

Naturally, I wanted to tell her about living a healthier lifestyle. After all, that’s what I do.

Having said that though, talking to her was like talking to a brick wall. She kept on saying how she’d rather die smoking and drinking than change her lifestyle. I was appalled by her stance and even more so by the fact that she has an 8 year old daughter.

She also told me she’d rather buy a $5 bottle of vitamins than spend more for better quality, real-food supplements. I did my best to educate her that buying such low-grade supplements is worse than not taking them at all. That the $5 bottle she wants to buy is full of chemicals which will cause more harm than good. She’d again have none of it. I stopped talking, and just felt plain sad for her, and especially for her daughter.

She kept on telling me how poor she was, and yes, this single mother’s income is close to what’s considered poverty level in California. I started to play back what I’ve heard recently from Paul Zane Pilzer, one of the leading economists, that being unhealthy is now a socio-economic problem more than anything. Unfortunately, the gap between the healthy and unhealthy has gotten bigger and bigger, and it turns out that the major causes behind it are, of course, money and education.

I realized that her background has played a major role in her decisions to be unhealthy. That it is OK to smoke and drink in this day and age, and that it is OK to buy junk supplements and wonder why her daughter gets sick all the time.

On the other hand, the haves and the educated have gotten healthier and stronger because they have the means and time to pursue wellness. I’m happy to say I fall under the umbrella of wellness rather than sickness, but this particular encounter still haunts me knowing that someone I personally knew has fallen victim to the societal problem.


If It’s Good Enough for World’s Best Doctor…

Things can get pretty dicey when you are considering which things to swallow…as in nutritional supplements.

There are thousands of products, and you often twiddle your thumbs before walking away from shelves and shelves of too many bottles. You finally and bravely take one home thinking it’s going to do exactly what’s written on the label. Then you end up not even taking it as instructed. Like so many other times and inevitably, this bottle gets stashed expired and half-finished in your drawer along with other sad bottles.

We all know we need to supplement our diet with nutritional supplements since we are not getting enough nutrients, but with which ones? Then I found this YouTube video with Dr. Ben Carson recommending a specific company that produces a specific group of nutrients. Watch it and I will let you be the judge on whether you should try what he’s a huge fan of. Perhaps you might finish the product, then re-order because you’ve also become a fan as well. Who are we to go against Dr. Ben Carson, right? (Yep, I’m semi-joking!)

…in case you missed it, I too am a long-time fan of what Dr. Carson recommends! Message me with any questions as to how and what to buy, etc.

Advanced Ambrotose® (120g Powder)Keep your immune system healthy with an advanced immune support supplement.

New Wonder Ingredient in Skincare : Glycans

Who doesn’t want to look younger?  I do!

I came across this article written on Glycans used in Yves Saint Laurent’s Forever Youth line.  Glycans are basically sugar molecules that allow cells to communicate with each other.  This “communication process” produces collagen and elastin making up the skin matrix.  Hence better, younger-looking skin.  As we age, the communication slows down, and this in turn produces less and less collagen and elastin.

What I found out next was shocking, yet expected from a corporate giant.  YSL’s line’s glycans are SYNTHETIC!  In other words, these sugars are supposed to be natural, plant-based sugars, but YSL can’t have them because there’s another company who owns a patent on the natural sugars.

The company with the patent is Mannatech (Nasdaq: MTEX), and they are launching their own glycans-based skincare next month, November 2013. 

I was able to connect with one of the test subjects of this new product, and she graciously shared her recent photos taken this week using the “wrinkle cream” for just 5 days!  She’s becoming a very young 60-year old!  (Please see the pic here : Pic)

I will share the link to the product as soon as it’s available.