“China” Call with Russ Wood

Thank you guys for joining our afternoon call with Mr. Russ Wood on everything that’s China.

Mannatech has officially opened China via E-commerce, and now we can register product users of the biggest market in the world.

Taking advantage of this opportunity can : 1) Change your life financially & 2) Help the Chinese people with their health challenges.

Here’s the recorded call :

Some highlights :

  • E-Commerce/customer acquisition only in China for now
  • You (a current Mannatech associate) need to get an International Referral ID by calling customer service.  This ID is necessary for a new customer to order from the E-Commerce site: www.MeiTaiChina.com
  • All products will be North American products and will be shipped within China
  • You (MA) will be paid 10% of first order, and more possibly for the on-going orders
  • A Chinese national can sign up as a Hong Kong associate for now.  This may change.
  • A Chinese customer will get paid 10% of their customers’ first orders, and may get paid continuously if they change their account to “business” or sign up as a   Hong Kong associate
  • Download the WeChat app on your smartphone

Also, you can download the training slides Russ has kindly forwarded.

China Presentation 2017

China, here we come!  

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