Revealing Secrets to building a Massive MLM Empire

I’m not one to speak on this issue, but others around me keep asking for the secrets to having built a pretty chunky & international network marketing business.

I suppose I can say a thing or two since I’ve been in it for the last 16 years or so non-stop & yes, my (or rather OUR….without my business partners and the help from the corporate – this isn’t even a possibility) business does a tremendous amount of business each month with about 200K active associates and customers all over the world.  And most importantly, I live very comfortably in Los Angeles, which I suppose says something.

Ok, let me bullet-point these because lengthy paragraphs are really boring, so I hear.   And again, these are just my opinions and I’m almost never 100% right.

And, FYI, I’ve done both the bad and good repeatedly until I had some sense to do the bad a lot less.  Having said that, I still find myself doing badly.

  1. SORRY, there is no secrets unless you think these are “secrets.”
  2. GOING to motivational seminars, conferences won’t build your business.  So stop wasting $ (& time, OMG!) on too many events.  How many times do you need to be motivated??  I think once or twice a year is sufficient, if at all.  Believe it or not, watching other wealthy people on TV & reading about their stories – drives me crazy enough to get off my bum.  In other words, do what works for you, not what you’re supposed to do.
  3. STOP wasting your time on the losers (even though I keep hearing everyone is a winner these days).  You know who I’m talking about.  Just because you enjoy talking down/up to them just because it feels safe and comfortable, this won’t build your biz fast.
  4. DO spend time on your winners!!  Having said that though, they usually don’t have too time to talk to you.  They are really busy building.  I miss them….call me!
  5. Lastly, look FORWARD and think & plan AHEAD.  Losers talk about the past, Normals talk about now, but WINNERS talk about the future.
  6. ONE more – stop reading too much into this, literally!  Go do another deed that’s directly related to producing.  You know exactly what I mean.
  7. STILL here?  Ok, fine.  Just make sure you do at least 1 thing productive EVERYDAY for the next 5 years, then repeat #7 several more times – it will guarantee your success.

I think 7(seven) is a good number.  Remember MLM is still a business, not a play thing.  You will reap what you sow.  Good luck!

Question of the Day :  What kind of person will you need to become by doing #1-#7 obsessively – in order to attract someone like me to sign up with you?  Success attracts success.  

*Glossary : 

  • Losers : It’s a bit offensive….the ones who say lots of things but their numbers don’t back up.  Ex) There’s a thin line between a business relationship & friendship.  Know where you stand with that person.
  • Winners : Who do what they say they will do.  And their numbers keep growing.  They are a rare, endangered species.  Hard to come by, but so satisfying to work with them.  Did I already mention they are super busy & rarely call you for anything other than biz stuff?
  • A productive thing : Anything that will produce a sale/sign-up such as following up, prospecting, etc.  Ex) I have a list of people I must contact before resting my eyes for the day.  I won’t go to sleep without completing my list.  My list almost always consists of someone new.
  • Motivational seminar : I don’t get why a professional network marketer has to go to more than 1 every year.  Just my opinion.  Almost all of my top earners (including myself) do not have too much time to go to these all the time.  Personally, I find them extremely boring, sorry.  I find better materials in our everyday lives.  And this also makes me more “appealing” to the masses.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be that MLM weirdo.
  • Reading : I know it’s essential, but I’m really tired of reading yet another MLM book.  Yes, I do refresh on my MLM knowledge from time to time, but my latest obsession is Elon Musk.  His do or die, no details too small approach makes me go completely loca.  That’s my juice!  So find your own crazy juice, please.  Don’t follow what others, including myself, say all the time.  My biz exploded when I decided it’s all up to me & stopped leaning on my upline.

Being Unhealthy : a Socio-Economic Issue

I recently re-connected with an acquaintance from high school via Facebook. Of course, I was a bit taken aback by the enthusiasm of the said “friend” wanting to meet up, but I went along with it.

She wanted to sell me her product, and to be honest, I was absolutely OK with it since she was a single mother and all. Well, everyone needs auto insurance, right? Unfortunately, she couldn’t match my rate, but I still introduced another friend of mine to her. However, what surprised me the most upon seeing her again after almost 20 years was how unhealthy she looked. We are the same age, but she looked about 10 years older than me. The answer was simple; she’s a smoker, and drinks alcohol almost daily.

Naturally, I wanted to tell her about living a healthier lifestyle. After all, that’s what I do.

Having said that though, talking to her was like talking to a brick wall. She kept on saying how she’d rather die smoking and drinking than change her lifestyle. I was appalled by her stance and even more so by the fact that she has an 8 year old daughter.

She also told me she’d rather buy a $5 bottle of vitamins than spend more for better quality, real-food supplements. I did my best to educate her that buying such low-grade supplements is worse than not taking them at all. That the $5 bottle she wants to buy is full of chemicals which will cause more harm than good. She’d again have none of it. I stopped talking, and just felt plain sad for her, and especially for her daughter.

She kept on telling me how poor she was, and yes, this single mother’s income is close to what’s considered poverty level in California. I started to play back what I’ve heard recently from Paul Zane Pilzer, one of the leading economists, that being unhealthy is now a socio-economic problem more than anything. Unfortunately, the gap between the healthy and unhealthy has gotten bigger and bigger, and it turns out that the major causes behind it are, of course, money and education.

I realized that her background has played a major role in her decisions to be unhealthy. That it is OK to smoke and drink in this day and age, and that it is OK to buy junk supplements and wonder why her daughter gets sick all the time.

On the other hand, the haves and the educated have gotten healthier and stronger because they have the means and time to pursue wellness. I’m happy to say I fall under the umbrella of wellness rather than sickness, but this particular encounter still haunts me knowing that someone I personally knew has fallen victim to the societal problem.


Stay Lean Keep Your Wallet Fat!

What’s the first you see when you get yourself out and about in the morning? People dragging themselves around yet religiously sipping on a paper cup of coffee as if it’s a membership badge to the club, “I need my coffee in the morning! I’m so cool since the cup says Starbucks/Coffee Bean/blah blah.”

I’d hate to hate on these people who attend the Church of Starbucks every morning to gladly donate at least $4 a day, sometimes twice/thrice, but can’t help categorizing them as “Sheeple.”

Here’s a thing or two to consider :

1) Environmental aspect – The search effort to find the missing  Malaysian Airlines plane Flight 370 has raised an unexpected, yet deadly serious environmental issue. Our oceans are dying because of our own garbage. Every time they thought they found a part of the plane, it turned out to be a piece of plastic. The paper coffee cups you use are lined with plastic/wax, and they come with plastic lids. Imagine how many of those you’ve used so far? (Please don’t take my sheeple comment personally..) What? You use the sleeves too? You double cup it? Tsk tsk!! Fish and birds are often found dead with plastic bits in their stomachs. This is just so very sad!

2) Financial aspect – I’m no Suze Orman, but the donations add up. Say you “only” spend $4/day. That’s $1,460/year and $ 14,600/10 years. You were to put this money into a savings account with a 6.5% annually compounded interest rate, how much will it be at the end of 10 years? $20,491.52 to be exact! How long have you been attending the Starbucks church (or any other coffee places)? It’s starting to make you think, huh? What about the time wasted parking, waiting in line, waiting again to pick up the cup, and so on and on?

So here’s a solution I propose – buy a portable coffee mug that’s BPA-free, and make your coffee at home before you leave the house. First off, believe me, the quality of the coffee you’ve been buying is %$#@. It’s all about the bottom line for the big corporations, and you’re not getting what you’re paying for, period. So, spend some time to pick a decent, better yet, responsibly made brand of coffee.

I would love for you to watch this video posted below by Michael Pollan (the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma), titled “How Cooking Can Change Your Life.” It will give you the confirmation and inspiration you need to start thinking differently. Being the only processor of your own food can make a drastic, positive change to your health, and you will NEVER be FAT, yay!!

Imagine what kind of financial impact this change can make for you? I know you’re thinking duh, it costs to buy the coffee to make at home. Fine, deduct 20% from the money you would’ve saved. However, how much more money you can save by applying the same logic to all of your food choices?

Secondly, you will help save our one and only planet. You might say, it’s just me, one person…but that’s the type of sheeplethinking we need to shed. It’s so much better not to deposit 3,650 coffee cups and plastic lids into our soil in the next 10 years, and that’s just from you! And any change can only start with you.

Knowing is only half the battle. Researches show it takes 90 days to break a habit and develop a new one. Will you begin the first day of the 90-day blitz TODAY? Tomorrow never comes…