Food Rules You Want to Follow

Did you know poor digestion leads to storing fat?

Just following these simple FOOD COMBINATION RULES, you can help your body digest better and store way less fat/burn fat.  You will actually start feeling lighter within days.

Don’t eat Proteins and Carbs together.

Don’t eat Proteins and Fats together. 

Don’t eat Proteins and Fruits together.

Don’t eat Carbs and Fruits together. 

Don’t eat more than one type of Protein. 

Don’t eat Desserts. 

Carbs DO mix with vegetables.

Proteins DO mix with vegetables. 

Different carbs DO mix.

Different proteins DO NOT mix.

Fats DO NOT mix well with protein; use moderately.

Fats DO mix with carbs.

Always eat fruits alone on an empty stomach. 

Wait 3 hours after Protein.

Wait 20 minutes after fruits. 

Wait 1 hour after Carbs. 

I had no ideas these rules existed!!

Also, check out this short & sweet video on the new 30-day fat-loss system by Mannatech.  I just started  using just 2 products out of 4 they recommend, just once a day, and they seem to expedite the feeling of lightness.

  1. TruShape : 1 capsule/day to burn fat for energy
  2. TruPure : Lemonade tasting drink once a day to detox from cellular level.    

(These products come with a 6-month, money-back guarantee, wow.)

Is it time to kick-start this 30-day trial with these new rules?  

If It’s Good Enough for World’s Best Doctor…

Things can get pretty dicey when you are considering which things to swallow…as in nutritional supplements.

There are thousands of products, and you often twiddle your thumbs before walking away from shelves and shelves of too many bottles. You finally and bravely take one home thinking it’s going to do exactly what’s written on the label. Then you end up not even taking it as instructed. Like so many other times and inevitably, this bottle gets stashed expired and half-finished in your drawer along with other sad bottles.

We all know we need to supplement our diet with nutritional supplements since we are not getting enough nutrients, but with which ones? Then I found this YouTube video with Dr. Ben Carson recommending a specific company that produces a specific group of nutrients. Watch it and I will let you be the judge on whether you should try what he’s a huge fan of. Perhaps you might finish the product, then re-order because you’ve also become a fan as well. Who are we to go against Dr. Ben Carson, right? (Yep, I’m semi-joking!)

…in case you missed it, I too am a long-time fan of what Dr. Carson recommends! Message me with any questions as to how and what to buy, etc.

Advanced Ambrotose® (120g Powder)Keep your immune system healthy with an advanced immune support supplement.

Shocking! How your food is Iron-Fortified

I was shocked to see this video.  I thought eating the iron-fortified cereal in the morning was good for my body.  Boy, was I proven completely wrong by this video!  And what about all the iron-fortified baby foods?  The thought makes me shudder.

No wonder our country is ranked 38th by WHO (World Health Organization)’s health care systems around the world!  Watch it for yourself.