This is why I got sick in China!

This article shocked me!!! (and I threw up a little in my mouth, TMI!)  I was visiting a friend in Shanghai several years ago.  I purposely stayed at a 4-star hotel and stuck to eating only inside the hotel since I heard a lot of gross stuff about the food situation in China.  I especially wasn’t in the mood to take any chances with my weak stomach.

All went well until my last night in Shanghai.

My friend insisted that we go out to this tourist-friendly restaurant to experience the local culture for God’s sake!  I really wanted to say no, but thought it would be sort of rude not to.  Besides, a week went by without any incidents (mind you I really stuck to my “hotel diet”).  So I stupidly agreed.

The “China Nightmare” started the next morning as soon as I boarded the plane.  My stomach was in knots, and I immediately felt feverish.  Then I made several trips to the bathroom to throw up.  I was miserable.  Ugh!

So, this article by Washington Post made perfect sense as to why I got violently sick from eating food in China.

I’m sure this gutter oil is just one of many crazy things going on there.  I recently watched “Death by China” on Netflix, and boy, oh boy, I wish I never had to buy another product made in China.

I’m not bashing the Chinese people.  I blame the broken communist government and our inability stemmed from greed to say no to their wayward system.

gutter oil used in cooking in China
gutter oil used in cooking